We’ve created the product that will help
your Hotel to be even better.

You have the tools, you have the control


Communicate Efficiently.

Instantly share your last minute offers with all your Guests. Your guests will immediately receive any changes you make via the on-line admin platform.


Join the Mobile App Marketing Bandwagon.

Mobile phone is a powerful place for you to connect with your audience.
GuestPilot is the easiest & fastest way to achieve it.

We Connect You
to your Guests, to new Technologies, to new Generations and to new Challenges.

The new generation of travelers wants to be connected to the local area and expect modern ways to communicate.
Your Own Brand

Offer your fully personalized version of the app to your guests and showcase with style your facilities and services.

Experience our Design

Take full advantage of our innovative design and look attractive and fashionable.

Easy to Use

GuestPilot app is intuitive and truly interactive where your guests can easily make bookings, receive notifications and check their request's status at anytime.

Improve your Internet Hotel Rating

Perfect for your Hotel

Drive Sales

Increase RevPOR by maximizing the use of all the facilities and services offered by your hotel.

Reduce Costs

Optimize your marketing and operations costs in real time.

Generate Efficiencies

Optimize your processes by anticipating guest arrival times, room preferences or special requests.

Improve Guest Experience

Bring all the hotel services and information directly into your guest's hands.

You're a few steps away from making the difference!

Our product is extremely flexible and works in real time. Therefore, any hotel can have its own app readily available for its guests at an affordable cost.

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