Connecting Guests

The best way to drive sales and boost Guest loyalty


GuestPilot enables Hotels and Resorts to build and manage their own App within minutes

In-app Bookings

Help your guest to plan a better stay. Allow your guests to discover your property details and start making reservations even before their arrival.

Check-In Express

Support guest arrivals. Promote check-in express, enable upgrades and send messages with your offers.

Manage Requests

Achieve a better stay. Offer guests the ability to create requests, F&B or Spa reservations, room service and other queries.

Push Notifications

Announce your offers efficiently. Keep your guests instantly aware of your last-minute offers.

Connecting Guests

Create an enjoyable stay. By using the hotel in-app chat room, guests can meet other guests and have fun.

Online Check-out

Assist your guests when it's time to leave. Guests can check-out with a single touch and receive the invoice by email.

Be always there for your Guests

We are very easy and quick to get started

We’ve created the product that will help your Hotel to be even better.

Intuitive and built for use
Our solution has a highly attractive visual and intuitive appearance combining simplicity with a great functionality.
Connect and communicate with guests worldwide in their native language. We will maintain the main languages for you.
Cloud based Platform
There is no need for any investment. You can easily manage content, send notifications and manage reservations through your browser.
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